About Mike Hill

Mike Hill is a United States Air Force Veteran.

After spending his childhood in and around the Air Force, Mike graduated from the Air Force Academy himself in 1980. Following graduation, he spent a decade serving his country in the armed forces. For his excellence he earned the distinction of Armament Division Company Officer of the Year in 1988. When it came time for him to retire from the military, Mike Hill left the Air Force as a Captain.

After dutifully serving this country, Mike earned a MBA from the University of West Florida.

Mike has been a strong conservative voice for the people of Florida over the years. He has been applauded for his passion for open government, military service, and fight to lower taxes during his time in the Florida Legislature between 2014-2016.

Mike and his wife, Greta, have three kids and several grand kids. Together, they have proudly served their community over the years, and together they will fight for Florida.